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Planning Builder

Online platform used by property professionals for the organisation, storing,
sharing and submission of planning files and applications

Project Description

Planning Builder is a joint venture between nakedWeb Ltd and Inspired Media. Developed entirely in house the system is used by property professionals throughout the UK to request, share and store files for planning applications.

Users can organise and manage all their project files within Planning Builder and make them accessible to whoever they choose. It's intuitive interface makes it easy to build file structures, upload, share and view documents. At the push of a button, users can also output projects as a website or write them to disc - ideal for planning application submissions.

Expanding out from the planning industry, Planning Builder now has a sister application at which is suitable for file sharing and collaboration in any industry.

Year Creation : 2012
Client's Name : Internal
Web Category : File Sharing Application
Our Contribution : Full Concept & development.
Completion Time : 6 months


This is what users of the systems have said:

Planning Builder is a really useful system, wish I'd used it earlier. So much better than dropbox

We used to find ourselves hunting round for hours checking we had the latest files. The system now keeps track of all this for us and even allows us to review previous versions

File Book has really improved our workflow. No more hunting for important documents

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