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Marketing your website is about much more than hiring a search engine optimisation company.

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Successful marketing involves generating focused sales enquiries and purchases, not simply sitting at the top of the pile and being ignored.

Find your target audience

Many search engine optimisation companies will guarantee that they will put you at the top of numerous search engine results with out of date practices, despite heavy toned statements from market leaders like Google explaining otherwise.

SE optimisation starts with the design and development of your site. Get that wrong and the best will in the world will not get you highly ranked.

Next, content is king. The top search engines simply want to link up searchers with accurate and useful content. The wording of your website should not be an after thought.

Look to market your website as you would your business. Effectively marketing your business online falls into many areas:

  • Design principles can offer you the very best chance of ranking with search engines naturally.
  • Carefully managed email marketing campaigns can drive repeat business to your website.
  • Targeted online traffic building such as a Google 'AdWords' Campaign, link building and directory placement.
  • Including your domain name on all forms of non-web literature and advertising. Why have an online brochure / service if even your customers don't know where it is
  • Giving people who have found you, ways of spreading the news by a simple click. A 'Tell-a-Friend' link for example is an excellent way of getting your viewers marketing for you.

At nakedWeb we are constantly interacting with our customers, looking at new ways of bringing in new business and making the experience pleasant enough to invite repeat business. Nobody gets everything right from the start. See your online business as a constantly evolving work in progress.

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